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David Rand's picture David Rand

David Rand is an Associate Professor of Psychology, Economics, and Management at Yale University, and the Director of Yale University’s Human Cooperation Laboratory. His research combines a range of theoretical and experimental methods in an effort to explain the high levels of cooperation that typify human societies, and to uncover ways to promote cooperation in situations where it is lacking. He was named to Wired Mazagine’s Smart List 2012 of “50 People Who Will Change The World,” chosen as a 2012 Pop!Tech Science Fellow, and received the 2015 Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Research.

Erez Yoeli's picture Erez Yoeli

Erez Yoeli is a research scientist at Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (PED). He uses game theory to study puzzling aspects of people’s sense of rights, ethics, and altruism, then applies the lessons from this work to addressing real-world problems like increasing energy conservation, improving antibiotic adherence, and reducing smoking in public places. Before joining PED, Erez was an economist at the Federal Trade Commission.

Syon Bhanot's picture Syon Bhanot

Syon Bhanot is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Swarthmore College, studying behavioral and public economics. His areas of interest include pro-social behavior, environmental conservation behavior, development, and personal finance decisions. He primarily runs field experiments that seek to improve our understanding of decision making, with a variety of partners in the US and abroad.

Gordon Kraft-Todd's picture Gordon Kraft-Todd

Gordon Kraft-Todd is a 2nd year Psychology PhD student at Yale University. His research focuses on effective moral learning; or how the evolution of learning and moral cognition can be leveraged to encourage real-world prosocial behavior. To address this question, he is interested in integrating various methodologies, including machine learning, agent-based simulations, social network analysis, behavioral experiments, and field experiments. He is particularly interested in prosocial behavior in the context of public goods such as education, energy, health care, natural resources, and social welfare.

Preeti Srinivasan's picture Preeti Srinivasan

Preeti Srinivasan is a master’s student in the International & Development Economics program at Yale University. She earned her B.A. in Cognitive Neuroscience & Evolutionary Psychology from Harvard University. Her research interests are most devoted to the fields of behavioral economics, social psychology, international development, and decision-making.

Bethany Burum's picture Bethany Burum

Bethany Burum is a post-doctoral researcher in psychology at Harvard University. Trained as a social psychologist with a strong focus on laboratory experiments, her recent research aims to understand the hidden incentives that shape our preferences, beliefs, and ideologies, including our sense of rights, justice, beauty, and altruism. Bethany’s research draws on tools and evidence from multiple fields, including economics, history, philosophy, and studies of cultural evolution, with a particular emphasis on using psychological experiments to test rigorous theory.

Moshe Hoffman's picture Moshe Hoffman

Moshe Hoffman is a Research Scientist at Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics and Lecturer at Harvard and MIT’s departments of Economics and Human and Evolution Biology. Moshe applies game theory to address psychological and philosophical questions, such as why we speak indirectly and why we consider lies of commission worse than lies of omission, with the help of models of evolution and learning, as well as laboratory and field experiments.

Michael Muthukrishna's picture Michael Muthukrishna

Michael Muthukrishna is an Assistant Professor of Economic Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). His research focuses on the psychological and evolutionary processes that underlie culture and how culture–including norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors–are transmitted, maintained, and modified. He uses a two-pronged methodological approach, building and testing evolutionary models using methods from experimental psychology and experimental economics. He is interested in the ways in which cultural evolutionary theories and evidence can inform public policy.

Daniel Banko's picture Daniel Banko

Daniel Banko is a senior at Swarthmore College majoring in Economics and minoring in Psychology. He is interested in the field of behavioral economics and improving people’s social and financial well-being. He is a research assistant to Professor Bhanot and a Microeconomics TA in the college’s Economics Department. He also serves as a resident assistant on-campus, works in the college’s ITS Department, and sings as a member of the co-ed a cappella group, Mixed Company. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a PhD in Economics.

Meghan Kelly's picture Meghan Kelly

Meghan Kelly is a junior at Swarthmore College, studying Education, Economics, and Sociology. She enjoys examining the intersections of culture, community engagement, and human behavior at both individual and structural levels. Outside the classroom, Meghan can be found running, dancing, assisting students as a Career Peer Advisor, or conversing with friends from Multi, a group for those who identify as multiracial, multiethnic, and/or multicultural.

Molly Moore's picture Molly Moore

Molly Moore is a senior at Harvard College concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. She is interested in behavioral economics and increasing cooperation, specifically within the field of health. She is also a varsity member of the Harvard-Radcliffe crew team, a USA hopeful for the Paralympics, Calculus teaching fellow, and a Quincy House Food Literacy Project Fellow.

Romee Stiekema's picture Romee Stiekema

Romee Stiekema is a master’s student in the Law & Economics program at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She graduated from Boston College with degrees in Economics and Philosophy. Romee is originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.